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woman drinking hot tea next to a Christmas tree

7 Steps to Holiday Self-Care

December 2018

If you look forward to the holidays with a mix of joy and jitters, you’re not alone. In a survey by Healthline magazine, more than…

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A person using a phone late night in bed

Is Social Media Bad For You? It Depends on The Platform and Who You Are

October 2018

We've known for a long time that social media has a real impact on users and their social relationships. But does this mean that we…

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A mid-adult man practicing yoga in lotus position

Practicing Mindfulness

July 2018

The practice of mindfulness is about being present in a given moment, and it’s something we can use in our daily lives. According to the…

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A senior having a coffee while chatting with someone

Seniors and Depression

March 2018

In older people, certain life changes can increase the risk for depression: A move from home, such as to a retirement facility Chronic illness/pain Children…

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