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A closeup of an older woman hugging a teenage girl
May 2020
3 Ways to Safeguard Kids from Depression

Depression is often thought of as an adult mental health issue. But children can suffer from depression too, with the incidents increasing with age. According to the Centers for Disease…

Children's Health | Mental Health
Photo of a young boy being homeschooled by his mother in his bedroom
April 2020
Maintaining Normalcy When School's Out

Children rely on well-known routines to get them through the day. This is why a typical school day often has a calming effect on kids, even though they're busy. There's…

Children's Health
A father with his arm around his son
October 2019
Tackling the Talk: How to Discuss Addiction with Children

Have you ever discussed addiction with your children? Your answer may well be no. Maybe you think your kids are too young. Or maybe you aren't sure what to say.…

Children's Health | Mental Health
A healthy lunchbox highlighting fruits and vegetables
September 2019
Healthy Eating for Kids: Top Tips & Tricks

Between the ready availability of sweets and treats, commercials for sugary cereals during your kids’ must-watch shows, and picky eaters who turn their nose up at every green vegetable, it…

Children's Health
Two children using an electronic tablet
September 2019
How to Help Your Kids Find Balance With Screen Time

Research indicates that too much screen time could lead to multiple issues, including potential issues with behavior and attention in elementary schoolers, increased risk of depression in teens, and obesity…

Children's Health
Dad and son having fun outdoors
August 2019
Practical Parenting: 5 Ways to Help Your Kids Grow into Healthy Adults

To grow into healthy, capable adults, kids need to learn to function independently by solving problems and interacting with the world. Despite this, it’s often one of the hardest things…

Children's Health
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