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A closeup of an older woman hugging a teenage girl
May 2020
3 Ways to Safeguard Kids from Depression

Depression is often thought of as an adult mental health issue. But children can suffer from depression too, with the incidents increasing with age. According to the Centers for Disease…

Children's Health | Mental Health
A closeup shot of two people holding hands
May 2020
5 Ways to Support a Friend or Family Member With Mental Illness

Mental health disorders affect one in four people, according to the World Health Organization. The National Council for Behavioral Health reports that 43.8 people in the United States experience a…

Mental Health
Two people holding hands tightly
May 2020
Preventing Suicide: Warning Signs That Can Save a Life

Suicide awareness can save a life. And since suicide rates have increased by 31 percent since 2001, the ability to spot warning signs is of growing importance to help prevent…

Mental Health
A person talking to her friend on laptop at home
April 2020
Keeping the Connection When You're Apart

It's hard to feel connected to family and friends when you can't be together. Talking on the phone, sending emails and commenting on each other's Facebook posts just aren't the…

Healthy Habits | Mental Health
A person practicing yoga on a yoga mat
January 2020
How Exercise Can Boost Your Mental Health

Have you ever headed out the door for a walk feeling a bit down, but felt much brighter by the time you finished? You weren’t imagining the effect. Our minds…

Healthy Habits | Mental Health
A father with his arm around his son
October 2019
Tackling the Talk: How to Discuss Addiction with Children

Have you ever discussed addiction with your children? Your answer may well be no. Maybe you think your kids are too young. Or maybe you aren't sure what to say.…

Children's Health | Mental Health
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