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hand with paper cup of coffee take away
June 2019
Can What You Eat Prevent Migraines?

A migraine isn't your typical bad headache. Migraine headaches can often be debilitating. Throbbing pain is often accompanied by nausea, vision changes and sensitivity to light and sound. They can…

Healthy Habits
young boy and his father stretching outdoors
June 2019
At All Stages and All Ages, Exercise Wins for Brain Health

Exercise isn’t just good for your heart. It also benefits your brain. As a 2017 review study in Current Neuropharmacology found, exercise plays an important role at all stages of…

Healthy Habits
man and woman jogging outdoors in city
June 2019
When It Comes to Health, Gender Matters: Top Health Tips for Men and Women

Staying healthy can be hard. With so many different health suggestions available, it can be difficult to know which to try or trust. Plus, when it comes to health advice,…

Men's Health | Women's Health
bearded midaged man at a table with digital tablet
June 2019
Low Testosterone: What Every Man Needs to Know

It's a fact of life that certain physical attributes decline with age, like near-distance eyesight, hearing and balance. For men, this list includes the hormone testosterone. You can thank waning…

Men's Health
Pills spilled out on a table
May 2019
Is Compounding Right For You?

A growing number of people have health needs that require unique medications. When off-the-shelf prescriptions aren't available or aren't appropriate for any reason, customized medications can be prepared through a…

a person sitting on bed while thinking
May 2019
Why It's Time to Make Mental Health a Priority

When it comes to overall health and well-being, mental health should be part of the equation. Unfortunately, all too often, we pay little or no attention to our mental wellness.…

Mental Health
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