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A closeup shot of two people holding hands
May 2020
5 Ways to Support a Friend or Family Member With Mental Illness

Mental health disorders affect one in four people, according to the World Health Organization. The National Council for Behavioral Health reports that 43.8 people in the United States experience a…

Mental Health
Two people holding hands tightly
May 2020
Preventing Suicide: Warning Signs That Can Save a Life

Suicide awareness can save a life. And since suicide rates have increased by 31 percent since 2001, the ability to spot warning signs is of growing importance to help prevent…

Mental Health
Photo of a young boy being homeschooled by his mother in his bedroom
April 2020
Maintaining Normalcy When School's Out

Children rely on well-known routines to get them through the day. This is why a typical school day often has a calming effect on kids, even though they're busy. There's…

Children's Health
A person talking to her friend on laptop at home
April 2020
Keeping the Connection When You're Apart

It's hard to feel connected to family and friends when you can't be together. Talking on the phone, sending emails and commenting on each other's Facebook posts just aren't the…

Healthy Habits | Mental Health
Salmon fillet, avocado, nuts, and tomatoes
April 2020
Eat This, Not That: 7 Tips for an Asthma-Friendly Diet

Eating well is key to a strong body and a healthy life, no matter what your age or health status. A balanced diet is even more important, however, when you…

Allergies & Asthma
Dandelion seeds
April 2020
Spring Allergies: 6 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know

Spring allergies affect more than 50 million people each year, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). If you’re an allergy sufferer, you likely know the common…

Allergies & Asthma
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