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Closeup of a person packing their luggage for travel
June 2020
Tips for Travel: Remaining Adherent

If you’re like many people, you probably find it easiest to take your prescription medication at scheduled times during the day. But traveling across multiple time zones —  especially when…

Medication Adherence
Man using a pill holder for daily meds
June 2020
How Caregivers Can Help with Medication Adherence

Taking a prescribed medicine on schedule, in the right dosage and according to the doctor’s directions is what health professionals call medication adherence. As a caregiver, you may be all…

Caregiving | Medication Adherence
Doctor and patient having a discussion
June 2020
Helping Your Family Member Choose a Doctor: 4 Key Considerations

You’re used to accompanying your loved one on medical visits and nudging them to follow the doctor's orders. Now they need to choose a new doctor — maybe because your…

A young girl using a laptop with her mother at home
May 2020
Working from home? Here’s how to have better work/life balance

Working from home has a lot of perks, from skipping long commutes and forgoing work clothes to having the flexibility to juggle family responsibilities. Despite the benefits, it can also…

Healthy Habits
Man sitting on an exercise mat
May 2020
No Gym Required: Top tips for Working Out at Home

For some, working out at the gym is the easiest way to make sure they get in a healthy amount of exercise each week. But getting to a gym or…

Healthy Habits
A closeup of an older woman hugging a teenage girl
May 2020
3 Ways to Safeguard Kids from Depression

Depression is often thought of as an adult mental health issue. But children can suffer from depression too, with the incidents increasing with age. According to the Centers for Disease…

Children's Health | Mental Health
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