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Person writing a journal while drinking coffee
Three Tips for Setting Yourself Up for Self-Care
December 2020

You may know you need to develop healthier habits and invest in taking better care of yourself, but life can get in the way of…

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A man in a plank position on a yoga mat
Three Easy Ways to Stay Active During the Holidays
November 2020

For many, the holidays come with a list of fun activities: watching holiday movies, baking cookies, decorating your home and so much more. After all,…

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People on treadmills at a gym
Tips for Maintaining Your Fitness Routine on Vacation
July 2020

You've established a sound fitness routine you can stick to, but then it's time for vacation. You're excited, because who doesn't love vacation? But you're…

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A young girl using a laptop with her mother at home
Working from home? Here’s how to have better work/life balance
May 2020

Working from home has a lot of perks, from skipping long commutes and forgoing work clothes to having the flexibility to juggle family responsibilities. Despite…

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Man sitting on an exercise mat
No Gym Required: Top tips for Working Out at Home
May 2020

For some, working out at the gym is the easiest way to make sure they get in a healthy amount of exercise each week. But…

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A person talking to her friend on laptop at home
Keeping the Connection When You're Apart
April 2020

It's hard to feel connected to family and friends when you can't be together. Talking on the phone, sending emails and commenting on each other's…

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