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Child learing how to brush his teeth in the bathroom
Oral Care Should Start Before Baby’s First Tooth
January 2018

Your child's oral care routine should begin way before your baby's first tooth appears. Getting into a routine of care for gums and teeth at…

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A smiling child with big glasses
Healthy Vision Tips - for Kids!
December 2017

Parents, take a few minutes to talk with your kids about these important eye-care tips. Now's the time to create habits that will give them…

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Rice waffles with yogurt in the shape of a crab with fresh fruits prepared for kids
Stock the Fridge and Pantry for Healthy After-School Snacks
September 2017

Kids are hungry after school, and everyone is busy after school! Make it easy for children to select healthy snacks by keeping some of these…

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A father and young son having a conversation
Beating Back-to-School Anxiety
June 2017

The transition into a new school year can be a time of excitement —and stress. Children and teens can become anxious, irritable or depressed by…

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A child napping with a teddybear
Plan Ahead for Back-to-School Bedtimes
April 2017

Preschoolers and children in elementary school have particular sleep needs: Preschoolers (ages three to five): 10 to 13 hours School-age (ages six to 13): 9…

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Smiling children washing hands at home
Washing Your Hands: Let’s Make it Fun!
June 2015

You do so many things with your hands. You play with your friends, work at school, help set the table for dinner… Getting your hands…

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