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Diabetes Articles

A doctor using a tablet computer to show her patient information
March 2018
Know the Diabetes Warning Signs

The following symptoms of diabetes are typical, according to the American Diabetes Association. However, some people with type 2 diabetes have symptoms so mild that they go unnoticed. Common symptoms…

Diabetic woman preparing for a run
December 2017
Continuous Glucose Monitors

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a process that allows someone with diabetes to track their blood glucose continuously throughout the day and night, being notified of highs and lows so…

A person picking out fruits and vegetables out of her fridge at home
November 2017
Yes You Can Lower Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

We’ve all heard the advice when it comes to getting and staying at a healthy weight and working to prevent type 2 diabetes: Make healthy meals at home, make smart…

A health-care specialist checking a young patient's blood sugar levels
October 2017
Tips for Checking Your Child’s Blood Sugar

If your child has diabetes, it’s important to check his or her blood-sugar levels regularly: Before meals and at bedtime, a minimum of four times a day. If you suspect…

Middle age women running outdoors
September 2017
Why Should I be Physically Active If I Have Diabetes?

When you have diabetes, physical activity is an important part of managing your blood glucose level and staying healthy. Of course, being active has many health benefits. Physical activity: lowers…

A senior at a dentist for a routine checkup
August 2017
Living with Diabetes-Related Health Issues

As people get older, their risk for type 2 diabetes increases. In fact, in the U.S. about one in four people over the age of 60 has diabetes. If you…

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