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Is It Alzheimer’s?

People with memory loss or other possible Alzheimer’s warning signs may find it hard to recognize they have a problem and may resist following up on their symptoms. Signs of dementia may be more obvious to family members or friends.

The first step in following up on symptoms is finding a doctor with whom a person feels comfortable. (The Alzheimer’s Association can help find the right one.) There is no single type of doctor that specializes in diagnosing and treating memory symptoms or Alzheimer’s disease. Many people contact their regular primary-care physician about their concerns. Primary-care doctors often oversee the diagnostic process themselves.

In many cases, the doctor may refer the patient to a specialist such as aa neurologist who specializes in diseases of the brain and nervous system, a psychiatrist who specializes in disorders that affect mood or the way the mind works or a psychologist with special training in testing memory and other mental functions.

Source: Alzheimer’s Association


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