Cancer Awareness Articles

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A person using sunscreen on the beach

Keeping Your Skin Safe in the Summer Sun

September 2017

Each year, more than 5.4 million skin cancers are diagnosed. It is the most common cancer in the United States. In fact, more skin cancers…

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A doctor examining melanoma using dermatoscope

Skin Cancers: They're Not All Alike

April 2017

Skin cancers are named for the type of cells that become malignant (cancer). The three most common types are: Melanoma: Melanoma begins in melanocytes (pigment…

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Young woman going through her morning skincare routine

Do You Know Your ABCDEs?

November 2016

Melanoma is one type of skin cancer. By doing a simple skin self-exam every month, you can improve your chances of finding a melanoma early.…

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