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Your Diabetes Care Team

Taking care of diabetes is a team effort between you and your healthcare team — doctor, diabetes nurse educator, diabetes dietitian educator, pharmacist and others.

Members of your healthcare team will track important information such as your blood-glucose results, weight, blood pressure, medications and the health of your heart, feet and eyes. Your physical-activity plan will be monitored, you will have a meal plan and you will receive counseling about quitting smoking if you smoke. Your team can perform A1C tests, blood-lipid tests, kidney-function tests and more.

But remember: You are the most important member of the team. There are things you can do every day for good diabetes care. Follow your eating plan; be active a total of 30 minutes most days; take your medicines as directed; check your blood glucose daily; check your feet for cuts, soreness or swelling; brush and floss your teeth daily; control your blood pressure and cholesterol; and don’t smoke.

Source: American Diabetes Association


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