Standing Up to Coronavirus.
Supporting Your Local Community.

The negative impacts of the coronavirus have been pervasive on a global scale. Yet, despite all these struggles, there have been countless examples of strength and goodwill that replenish our hope. One of the brightest sources of positivity through this healthcare crisis has been independent community pharmacy.

Our Good Neighbor Pharmacy locations have all been responding differently to the pandemic. Shaped by the unique communities they serve, they have adapted at lightning speed to serve their neighbors in new and inventive ways. They’re working tirelessly on the front lines to ensure you continue receiving the care you need, even when things are at their most chaotic. This is what fearless pharmacy is all about!

Read their inspiring stories to see how our Good Neighbor Pharmacy locations are making a difference in their community. We will continue to add more, because every pharmacy going above and beyond for their patients right now deserves every ounce of recognition and gratitude we can give. Please thank your locally loved pharmacy and share on Facebook or Instagram how they have made a positive impact in your life during this time using #fearlesspharmacy!

Glenn's Prescription Center
Glenn’s Prescription Center

Salem, Kentucky

Glenn’s Prescription Center and Glenn’s Apothecary have worked together to create more than 1,350 face masks and distribute them to their customers and others in their community free of charge. Every employee at both stores has contributed to the making of these masks.

Glenn's Apothecary
Glenn’s Apothecary

Marion, Kentucky

The face masks created by Glenn’s Apothecary and Glenn’s Prescription Center have been given to Cumberland River Homes and a sister facility, lab workers at the local hospital, local businesses, delivery drivers and even employees of competing chain pharmacies in the area. Both teams have also made it their priority to give these out to those who needed them most, including elderly patients, those with comorbidities and caretakers.

Medical Associates Pharmacy
Medical Associates Pharmacy and Clinic Pharmacy

Boone, Iowa

Medical Associates Pharmacy and Clinic Pharmacy have been keeping their community safe by adhering to an hourly cleaning routine and using sanitizer after every customer interaction. They’re also encouraging everyone to arrange for drive-thru pickup or free delivery, especially for any patients who aren’t feeling well.

Larry's Pharmacy
Larry’s Pharmacy

Humboldt, Iowa

In addition to having everyone on staff wear a face mask at all times, Larry’s Pharmacy is also supplying CDC-approved cloth masks to their community while operating exclusively through curbside pickup, drive-thru and free delivery. And to make sure they observe proper social distancing in their drive-thru, they borrowed a collection basket from their local church, which enables them to conduct contact-free transactions and keep everyone safe.

Crivitz Pharmacy
Crivitz Pharmacy

Crivitz, Wisconsin

Taking inspiration from nearby Daly Drug, Crivitz Pharmacy launched a similar program where they give their employees some additional funds each week to spread among their locally owned stores and restaurants. Their staff is paying it forward and have been able to support dozens of small businesses in the area.