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Tracey Turpin
October 2020
What Are Some Key Services I Should Ask My Pharmacist about to Help Me Stay Healthy as I Age?

Pharmacists are on the front lines of health care. Due to our accessibility, we are often consulted as the first healthcare professional during a medical episode. As people age, they…

Elizabeth Locklear
September 2020
Can I Treat the Flu With Over-the-Counter Medications?

The quick answer to this question is no. The flu is a virus; therefore, the only way to treat the flu is with prescription antiviral medications. However, you can treat…

Pharmacist Matt Schwartz
August 2020
What Are Some Ways I Can Help Prevent My Child From Getting Sick When They Go Back To School?

The timing of back to school coincides with the beginning of cold and flu season and ushers in a whole host of new ways for our children to be exposed…

Pharmacist Wendy Kinne
July 2020
Are Some Sunscreens Better Than Others?

The best sunscreen is the one you wear. According to the Centers for Disease Control, only 30% of women and 15% of men use sunscreen regularly. Put some on, and…

Pharmacist Tom Deusbout
June 2020
What is the Difference Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia?

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are two terms that are often used interchangeably to describe memory loss. In reality, however, they are different. Dementia is a non-reversible decline in mental function. While…

Photo of pharmacist Travis Hale
May 2020
How Can My Pharmacist Help Increase My Awareness of Risk Factors for Stroke?

Pharmacists are wonderful resources for gaining insight into and understanding medication, disease states and risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stroke. Pharmacists can provide education to increase patient understanding…

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