Why is it Important to Take My Medication as Prescribed?

Traci Bayer

Hillcrest Pharmacy

Vernon, Texas

July 1, 2023

The short and simple answer is to keep you well! Chronic conditions usually require a combination of medications to achieve the desired outcomes and prevent further complications. It’s important that you take your medication as prescribed by your healthcare team to help push you toward the goals that you and your provider are working for.

Taking your medications “as prescribed” means that you take your medication in the right way – at the correct dose, time, and frequency. If you’re not taking your medication as prescribed or missing doses on a regular basis, your risk of complications and hospitalization drastically increases. There are many tools available to help keep you on track.

My favorite is customized medication packaging — a service provided by many local independent pharmacies. Your routine meds come sorted by time of day and date in individual pouches from the pharmacy. It’s convenient and really helps simplify taking your medication.

In my opinion, simplicity is a key factor in taking your medications as prescribed and keeping you well.

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