Local Love

Each month Good Neighbor Pharmacy is proud to feature a different independent pharmacy.

May 2018
Jarrettsville Pharmacy

Jarrettsville, Maryland

Locally Loved means that our patients know they will get great service, great products, and great advice whenever they visit us. Our patients have other choices, but they continually choose to use Jarrettsville Pharmacy.

April 2018
Holzer Family Pharmacy

Gallipolis, Ohio

Locally Loved is the respect we have from the community. Locally Loved is the pride of a stranger telling us about the great experience they had with members of our team. Locally Loved is simply being able to say with pride that we are a part of Holzer Family Pharmacy.

March 2018
Dyer Drug

Farmersville, Texas

Being Locally Loved means having a customer come in to the store and tell us that they have been coming to Dyer Drug Store all of their life; it’s having a patient tell us that they have been trading with us for over 50 years. It is our hope that Dyer Drug Store will have someone come in 50 years from now to say that they have been trading with Dyer Drug Store for over 50 years.

February 2018
Belew Drug

Knoxville, Tennessee

Our most powerful tool in assessing areas of need in the Knoxville community is the relationships we have with our patients and providers. We are constantly asking our community to tell us what they need. We have a part in this community that cannot be replaced. We serve our community, and no one can provide for them like we can.

January 2018
Albuquerque City Drug

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Serving our local community is a great honor. Locally loved means the community appreciates our service and continually depends on us for quality care.

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