Local Love

Each month Good Neighbor Pharmacy is proud to feature a different independent pharmacy.

September 2018
Belew Drug

Knoxville, Tennessee

Our community is the fuel for our fire and our reason for being. The communities we serve have taken care of us for the last 53 years, just as we have cared for them.

August 2018
Shatto's Frontier Drug

Douglas, Wyoming

This community is where my parents and grandparents lived. It is where I was born and where my wife and I raised our children.

July 2018
Owensboro Family Pharmacy and Wellness

Owensboro, Kentucky

Locally Loved holds a special place in our hearts. Being able to be a part of the community we are blessed to serve is a great opportunity. We are able to take care of the needs of our patients and community and donate to churches, sports teams, and charities in the area. We just received an invitation to a customer’s 50th anniversary party. We truly love being a part of our patients’ lives and value the trust they place in us to partner in their health care.

June 2018
Levin's Pharmacy

Oceanside, New York

Locally Loved is being respected, trusted, and needed by our community. Our patients know that we truly care about them, and the bond that we share is very special and unique. Our customers are our family, and we truly strive to do our very best for them. Being locally loved, which we know we are, means the world to us, and we show our appreciation by giving back to our community.

May 2018
Jarrettsville Pharmacy

Jarrettsville, Maryland

Locally Loved means that our patients know they will get great service, great products, and great advice whenever they visit us. Our patients have other choices, but they continually choose to use Jarrettsville Pharmacy.

April 2018
Holzer Family Pharmacy

Gallipolis, Ohio

Locally Loved is the respect we have from the community. Locally Loved is the pride of a stranger telling us about the great experience they had with members of our team. Locally Loved is simply being able to say with pride that we are a part of Holzer Family Pharmacy.

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