How Can My Pharmacist Help Me Stay Healthy As I Age?

Jennifer Baker

West Knox Pharmacy, LLC

Corbin, Kentucky

October 1, 2019

As a pharmacy owner, I help my patients stay healthy as they age by educating my community and offering alternative therapies for their ailments. I visit local senior citizen centers and assisted living facilities monthly to educate the community about different health disorders, medications that are used for these disorders, how the medications work, the best way to take the medications and what side effects and interactions to watch for with the medications.

For example, I recently did an educational seminar on adult immunizations at the local Senior Health & Wellness Fair where over 200 seniors were present. For patients who are interested, we offer the convenience of holding immunization clinics at the above facilities and other locations in the tri-county area. I have also been willing to visit patients at home to administer their immunizations. I strive to stay involved with the community by sitting on the board of directors for community organizations specific to senior citizens and their needs. This allows me to see what the community needs and use my business and pharmacy knowledge to help however I can.

I also offer my patients alternative therapies for their pain by formulating prescription and over-the-counter topical products in our compounding lab. I can make specialty creams that include anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, numbing agents and much more. By using these medications topically at the exact point of pain instead of orally, it decreases the possibility of interactions and side effects such as drowsiness, stomach irritation and potential for abuse. If I have a patient that is more interested in an “all-natural” approach to their ailments, I also specially formulate products in our compounding lab.

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