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West Knox Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy offering services such as: Free & Easy Prescription Transfers, Free Local Delivery, Drive-Thru Windows, Compounding, Medication Packaging, Educational Consultations & Seminars, Medication Therapy Management, Immunizations, Vitamins & Herbals, Essential Oils, Handcrafted Bath Bombs, and Soaps & Lotions.

Compounding at West Knox Pharmacy combines an ageless art with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to allow specially trained Pharmacists & Technicians to custom make medications for Humans & Animals. The compounds include: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacements (Creams, Capsules, Drops, & Troches), Medicated Troches & Lollipops, Medicated Animal Treats & Suspensions, Pain Creams & Gels, & Dermatology/Cosmetic Creams & Gels.

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