How Can I Keep My Brain Healthy As I Age?

Greg Maag

Maag Prescription and Medical Supply

Pocatello, Idaho

June 1, 2022

I feel the most important thing you can do to keep your brain healthy as you age is to stay active. For me, this has involved working to age 74 and being a member of many organizations and clubs. Some tips for keeping your brain healthy include:

  • Having goals and activities that keep your mind active. For me, this includes golfing, fishing, giving blood to the American Red Cross and playing cards.
  • Establishing new relationships. Remembering new names helps keep your mind sharp. This past year, we have met thousands of patients through our distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. This has allowed us to build new friendships and further the health of our community.
  • I always have two books that I am in the process of reading.
  • Educating yourself. I subscribe to courses so I can continue to learn about topics of interest even as I age.
  • Having support. My best asset for keeping my mind and brain active is having a great wife who supports my new endeavors.

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