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Fill Your Cart with Fruits and Veggies

Looking to increase your family’s daily fruit and veggie count? You can find healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables in the produce aisle, the frozen-food section and in the canned-food aisle. Compare prices to find the best buys.

  • Fresh. When shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, buy “in season” produce. These are usually less expensive and are at their peak flavor. Buy only what you can use before it spoils.
  • Canned. Choose fruit canned in 100-percent fruit juice and vegetables with “low-sodium” or “no salt added” on the label. These products are just as nutritious as fresh and often cost less.
  • Frozen. If you have the freezer space, stock up on frozen vegetables without added sauces or butter. They are as good for you as fresh and may cost less.

Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables last much longer than fresh and it’s a quick way to add fruits and vegetables to your meal. Shop smart and you’ll always have great fruit-and- veggie options on hand!


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