COVID-19 Vaccine

Coming soon to participating Good Neighbor Pharmacy locations

COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine will be coming soon to participating Good Neighbor Pharmacy locations.

Many of our Good Neighbor Pharmacy stores are preparing to offer the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes widely available to the public. Please continue to check this page for more information about when and where the vaccine will be available.

You can count on your local Good Neighbor Pharmacy

We are proud to join the next phase of the fight against the coronavirus by serving as your local vaccination site for the COVID-19 vaccine. Please be aware that vaccine eligibility and availability may vary per state and per Good Neighbor Pharmacy location. You can expect your local pharmacy to reach out to your community when the vaccine becomes available. You can also check their website or social media pages for updates about the vaccine.

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About the vaccine

The safety of the COVID-19 vaccine is a top priority.
The U.S. vaccine safety system ensures that all vaccines are as safe as possible. Although the COVID-19 vaccines are being developed quickly, routine processes and procedures remain in place to ensure their safety prior to being approved for use.

COVID-19 vaccination will help protect you from getting COVID-19.
Experts believe that getting a COVID-19 vaccine may help keep you from getting seriously ill if you get COVID-19. Getting vaccinated may also protect people around you, particularly people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

The CDC is making recommendations for who should be offered COVID-19 vaccine first when supplies are limited.
Learn more about the CDC’s recommendations for who should be vaccinated first.

Supply of the COVID-19 vaccine will increase in the weeks and months to come.
The goal is for everyone to be able to easily get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as large enough quantities are available.