Tips for Managing Diabetes Around the Holidays

November 2018

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year, full of festive gatherings and an often overwhelming amount of delicious food. But it can also be a difficult time of year to manage effectively for people with diabetes. How can you make sure your glucose levels aren’t getting in the way of a good time this holiday season?

1. Be Prepared. Plan ahead, know what foods are available and figure out what you want before it’s time to eat. That way, you can count carbs before you hit the buffet table and avoid any last-minute, sugary temptations.

2. Limit the Drinks. While eggnog and other holiday cocktails are delightful, they are also full of the kind of empty carbs that shoot your blood sugar sky high! Pay careful attention to your alcohol intake and account for every sip.

3. Don’t Graze. It’s easy to be charmed by a holiday buffet table. But eating a little here and there over the course of the evening can lead to glucose levels rising quickly.

4. Check Your Blood Sugar. The carb count of holiday food can add up more quickly than you’d think. Check your glucose level more frequently to make sure it isn’t going too high.

5. Indulge a Little. You don’t have to deny yourself completely. After all, Mom’s apple pie doesn’t make an appearance too often. Just engage in a little moderation. Take the time to figure out what you really want to eat and then account for it.

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