Why is Adhering to the Children’s Vaccine Schedule Important?

Suzanne Davenport

Adams Family Pharmacy

Preston / Cuthbert, Georgia

August 1, 2021

Vaccinating children is one of the most effective ways to prevent dangerous diseases and illnesses. Vaccines protect children from 14 potentially serious diseases. It is important to follow the CDC’s recommended dosing schedule in order to optimize the effectiveness of vaccines as your child’s immune system develops.

While COVID-19 may have interrupted the recommended immunization schedule due to missed wellness visits, it is important to talk with your local pharmacist to form a plan on the best way to get back on track  with any vaccines missed. Delaying vaccines can make children vulnerable to life-threatening illnesses, which could have serious, even deadly, complications. Do not wait until your child is exposed to a vaccine-preventable disease; be proactive, or it could be too late!

By vaccinating children, we not only protect the vaccinated child but also others who may be susceptible to illness due to low immune systems (patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments, for example) or babies too young for vaccines. For more information about vaccines and their importance, talk to your pharmacist, pediatrician, or primary care provider.

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