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What Kinds of Women’s Health Issues Can My Pharmacist Help With?

Kevin DeMass, Pharmacist

Apothecary Shoppe

Salt Lake City, Utah

I have two women’s health clinics located very close to my pharmacy.  I love answering health related questions from my patients and particularly, from my female patients who visit me from these clinics.

A woman’s pharmacist should play a major role in teaching, reinforcing, and educating her about health issues that can impact her life; including immunizations like HPV vaccine to help decrease the likelihood of cervical cancer. I discuss with her reproductive health issues, pregnancy and lactation, bone health, obesity, and cardiovascular related outcomes.

Many of my patients are concerned about breast cancer and we talk about prevention, detection and treatment. I remind them about cardiovascular health during these sessions and that they are eight times more likely to die from a cardiovascular related event than from breast cancer.  This is a natural transition to talk about vitamin supplementation and the importance of medication synchronization and adherence.

I want my female patient to tell me about her pre/post menopausal symptoms.  This allows me to work closely with her healthcare provider so I can offer customized options in compounded hormonal replacement therapy uniquely created just for her needs. Acting as her pharmacist I am passionate to help her improve her overall health and wellness.

October 1, 2018

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