What Are Some Ways I Can Make Healthier Nutrition Choices?

Amber Haag

Haag Pharmacy

Emporia, Kansas

January 1, 2021

In today’s busy world, it can be very challenging to maintain healthy eating and nutrition. We are often on the go and in a hurry, making it difficult to do what’s best for us nutritionally.

First, I always encourage people to eat as “clean” and simple as possible. Additives and preservatives of any kind lessen the nutritional value of most foods while also polluting the body. Therefore, if you can eliminate as many additives, preservatives and processed items as possible, your food will be much “cleaner,” and you will get more of its benefits. When shopping at the grocery store, always stick to the outside perimeter of the store. This is where most of the fresh and non-preserved foods are located, making it easier for you to make healthy choices.

Second, plan ahead and be prepared. Dedicating some time at the beginning of each week or each day to plan out your meals and snacks can help you make good choices. Planning ahead for your grocery store trips and having a well-prepared list will help you purchase what you need so you can stick to your plan.

Ultimately, even if we do everything right, we still may not get adequate nutrition to maintain optimal health. I always recommend a few quality vitamins and supplements to take on a daily basis to ensure you are giving your body what it needs. A good daily multivitamin is a must for almost everyone. There may be other vitamins to add to your regimen depending on your individual situation and health needs.

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