How Do I Know Which Vitamins and Supplements Are Right for Me?

Mark Szilagyi

The Gateway Pharmacy

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

January 1, 2020

It is important to ask your doctor or pharmacist which vitamins and supplements are appropriate for you. Some prescription medications can remove naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. “Statin” medications are known to remove Co-Enzyme Q 10, which helps your muscles work properly. This may result in painful leg cramps. If you experience these cramps, I recommend this as a supplement. In addition, when taking an antibiotic, I always recommend adding a probiotic such as florajen. This will help put back the good bacteria in your gut that the antibiotic may remove. At The Gateway Pharmacy, we try to personalize each vitamin or supplement to each patient depending on his or her medication list.

Our patients can also start the new year on the right foot with our new independent health and wellness business housed within our pharmacy called Victus. Many aspects of our lives contribute to our health and risk for diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Victus allows us to work with you in addressing these factors through nutrition, physical activity and behavioral health. Our services, programs and support can help you develop a long-term approach for managing your health and wellness through the expertise of our founders and management, which includes Executive Director and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Tricia Psota, Director of Fitness and Certified Personal Trainer Jen Wilkins and Pharmacist Nick Katra.

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