How Can You Help Me Keep My Pet Healthy?

Craig Burgess

Pinon Family Pharmacy

Farmington, New Mexico

December 1, 2021

Never having grown up around an abundance of family pets, I took a while to understand how important pets can be in many of our lives. It wasn’t until my pharmacy school fourth-year rotation that I realized pet families will do everything they can to make sure their pets are healthy and have the proper medication. My eyes were opened to the potential of veterinary pharmacy and the difference it can make for patients and their furry, four-legged family members.

Many local veterinarians use onsite pharmacies. I enjoy making meaningful relationships with my hometown vets and giving them specific examples of how I can add to their current pharmacy services. Although competing with online and mail order pharmacies is always a daunting task, as a community pharmacy, we are able to make personal connections with vets and their patients’ families. I have personally found that compounding pet medications is the niche they need me to fill in my community. I have been able to compound unique prescriptions for horse owners and household pets alike.

Local vets prefer to work with me, an independent pharmacist, because I can price-match from mail order compounding pharmacies. Unlike these other services, I take time to answer the phone and take care of each person’s pharmaceutical and cost-savings needs.

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