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The KarePak is a medication refill program that packages your medications (for those with three maintenance medications or more) into a convenient, easy to take pouch so you don’t have to…: worry about sorting through all those bottles: worry about taking your medication correctly: question if you took your medication: worry about running out of refills
Based on the idea of refill synchronization, helping to coordinate all of your prescriptions to be refilled on the same day, offering the convenience of a single trip to the pharmacy each month and assurance that you are taking your medications as prescribed by your doctor without question.: Please note: In order to accomplish this, some of your prescriptions may have to be short filled one time only to align with other prescriptions.
By utilizing this convenient, NEW way in having all your prescriptions filled  AND packaged for you each month you will
Eliminate the need to call in or stop by to order prescription refills: Make fewer trips to the pharmacy: Have freedom from worries about running out of your medication: Know prescriptions are ready a few days before your next start date

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