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Now Offering 3 COVID-19 Related Tests

We are pleased to be able to help you with your COVID-19 testing needs. We have three different COVID-19 tests we provide at the Pharmacy.

1) PCR Molecular COVID-19 Test: this test is the most accurate test and the one needed for Travel, most Employment and Medical Procedures. The test uses a nasal swab and then is sent to a local lab for processing. Results are available within 48-72 hours and insurance or the CARES Act should pick up the cost in most circumstances.

2) Rapid Results COVID-19 Test: this test is also a nasal swab test. It is not as sensitive as the PCR test, however, results are determined on-site within 15 minutes. This test is best for personal use and only costs $99.

3) COVID-19 Antibody Test: this test detects a prior COVID-19 illness and should not be taken when symptoms are present or too soon after exposure. This test used a small finger prick to draw blood and is processed on-site with results in 15 minutes. This test helps identify if you are likely resistant to the COVID-19 illness due to having antibodies from prior exposure or illness. The test costs $49 at the time of the test. Appointments Required due to the high need for the test.

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