Malheur DrugVale, Oregon

"It is especially meaningful when I am able to identify and solve a problem for my patients.

March 1, 2021

How many years has your pharmacy been in business?

Malheur Drug was established in 1954 and celebrated 66 years in business in May 2020.

What is your favorite thing about being a pharmacist?

My favorite thing about being a pharmacist is making connections with my patients. It is especially meaningful when I am able to identify and solve a problem for them.

What makes your pharmacy unique?

Our pharmacy is located in a town of just over 1,500 people, so we strive to serve as a one-stop shop for our customers. Our store includes a drugstore’s standard over-the-counter products, health and beauty aids, office supplies, and gifts and cards, but we also carry a full line of hunting and fishing supplies, as well as electronics.

What do you think your patients love most about your pharmacy?

Our patients appreciate being treated as friends and family in our pharmacy. Because of the size and dynamic of our community, our patients really are our friends and family.

What are your favorite ways to get involved with your community?

We love to host community events and contests. Several years ago, we started an annual event called Moonlight Madness. It is held in the evening the Friday before Thanksgiving. We open our doors from 7 to 11 PM to host our biggest sale of the year. Other businesses in town have gotten on board, and it is a community-wide event that people look forward to each year. This year, since the pandemic began, we’ve held a kids’ fishing contest and kids’ art contest.

What does Locally Loved mean to you?

Locally Loved means being active members of our community. Each time we show our community love through sponsorships, contests and events, they give that love right back to us through their loyalty to our store, their words and their tokens of appreciation.

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