Lily’s PharmacyJohns Creek, Georgia

"Our pharmacy is an extension of our family.

June 1, 2020

How many years Lily’s Pharmacy been in business?

Lily’s Pharmacy has been in business for 6 years.

What has been the most significant change within your pharmacy over the past 5 years?

We started our pharmacy without patients, a reputation, or referrals and it was extremely hard to explain to the community why they needed a different type of pharmacist managing their medication care. Today, we are proud to be the preferred pharmacy for Emory Hospital to provide clinical transition of care services, the provider and pharmacy director for our four fire departments surrounding our pharmacy, the resource and continuum of care for multiple provider practices, and the healthcare hub for thousands of families in the city we live and work in each day.

What are your favorite ways to get involved with your community?

I love to give disease state management talks to the different communities we service, along within services and education to our local physicians. Our family is also very active in the schools our four children attend as well as our church community, where Mike and I sponsor young couples who are on the path to be married.

How do your patients and community shape your offerings? What keeps your patients coming back?

Our customer service as well as extra “pharmacist out front” services set us apart from the multiple pharmacies in the community. We are much more clinically focused and patient focused and less prescription focused. We synchronize as many prescriptions as possible and offer adherence packaging, free delivery, and integrated provider communication. We have direct lines of communication to many of the providers in the community and our patients benefit from the fact that we are able to cut through the red tape and “game of telephone” and get positive results and assist in positive disease state outcomes for them. It’s pretty simple to keep customers and patients coming back – just remember their name and treat them like family, and they will be loyal for life. It isn’t hard to separate ourselves from the multiple chain pharmacies that surround us as long as we can get them to come through the door, they are usually with us for life.

What do you think your patients love most about your pharmacy?

Our patients love that our pharmacy is an extension of our family and all of our patients know that they are a part of that.

What does Locally Loved mean to you?

To have built our pharmacy from the ground up was no easy task, but to stand strong 6 years later with the support of the providers, and so many of our neighbors and friends often brings me to tears. We have done little marketing, and our practice has grown because of the love and positive recommendations of our patients and loyal supporters. This love has grown not just from patients, but the providers we collaborate with daily. Our community is cheering our family on every single day, and it was when we hosted our community block party, that I felt how strong their cheer is for us. We held the event on a day that happened to have a tropical storm blow through, and despite all of the rain, hundreds came for us, and repeatedly said, “We wanted to be here for you the way you are here for us.” Now that is the best way to be loved.

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