Holzer Family PharmacyGallipolis, Ohio

"Locally Loved is simply being able to say with pride that we are a part of Holzer Family Pharmacy.

April 18, 2018

How many years has Holzer Family Pharmacy been in business?

We have been open at our primary site in Gallipolis, Ohio, since May 1986. We opened our first expansion site in Jackson, OH, in April of 2000 and our most recent location in Athens, Ohio, in June 2008.

What has been the most significant change within your pharmacy over the years?

We really enjoy the flexibility we have to make changes to the practice as needed to improve patient care. We also have the ability to help progress the pharmacy profession by working with our local medical clinics on programs such as transitions of care and anticoagulation/diabetes management classes that are driven by patient outcomes, not how much money can be made.

What role does your independent pharmacy play in your local community?

Holzer Family Pharmacy is a big part of the community. We support local programs and actively participate in several events to promote health and wellness, provide health screenings, and educate the public on seasonal issues like the dangers of sun overexposure and how to recognize and protect against Lyme disease.

What does Locally Loved mean to you?

Locally Loved is the respect we have from the community. Locally Loved is the pride of a stranger telling us about the great experience they had with members of our team. Locally Loved is seeing the smile on a grandmother’s face as she explains how proud she is to have her grandchild working with us. Locally Loved is the willingness for our employees to stay late every night to treat a sick child because it is the right thing to do, not because they are made to do so. Locally Loved is simply being able to say with pride that we are a part of Holzer Family Pharmacy.

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