Fork Union PharmacyFork Union, Virginia

"Our patients know we are available to help them in whatever way we can.

February 1, 2020

How many years has Fork Union Pharmacy been in business?

Fork Union Pharmacy opened its doors over 50 years ago. Dane Yonce partnered with the original owner in 1987 and became soul owner in 1994.

What has been the most significant change within your pharmacy over the past 5 years?

We have doubled the durable medical equipment section in our store. It is such a gift for our small town as we are 45 minutes from any city. We have a Registered Nurse with homecare experience who is able to provide our patients with the equipment they need to be safe at home.

We are also the key immunization center for our community. This year we also began point of care testing for strep and flu with an enormous response.

What are your favorite ways to get involved with your community?

During flu season we hold vaccination clinics at senior centers, schools, wellness fairs and local businesses. We make every effort to be at local health fairs so people connect healthcare to the faces of our pharmacy. You can’t get that through the mail.

What do you think your patients love most about your pharmacy?

Without question, they know we are available to help them in whatever way we can. Our technicians are “super techs” who can untangle insurance issues to help patients as quickly as possible. Sometimes a patient just needs to talk about their medical conditions. You won’t find a more compassionate environment than Fork Union Pharmacy.

What does Locally Loved mean to you?

Over the years, Dane has watched his friends’ and neighbors’ children grow up. He often offers them a job at the pharmacy as a way to give them confidence and skills for future jobs. Now they are grown and come back to the pharmacy with their children and say: “This is the best job I ever had.”

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