Apothecary ShoppeSalt Lake City, Utah

"We are part of the community and the community is part of us.

November 1, 2019

How many years has the Apothecary Shoppe been in business?

46 wonderful years!

How do your patients and community shape your offerings… What keeps your patients coming back?

Our pharmacy is located in downtown Salt Lake City with patient populations that includes the homeless, substance abuse disorders, behavioral health challenges, the elderly and patients living with HIV. We have developed specialized and proprietary treatment programs to improve health and wellness with optimum patient outcomes in these unique areas of our community. What keeps our patients coming back? We know their name and they know ours. We have confidential face to face conversations about their concerns and needs. Our patients know we are dedicated to their overall health and happiness.

What do you think your patients love most about your pharmacy?

They love our staff! We have amazing, caring, loving, dedicated people that are dependable, accountable and consistent at delivering superior service and superior results.

What are your favorite ways to get involved with your community?

I participate in a volunteer service for a non-profit organization. I serve on several local boards for Behavioral Health, HIV/AIDS and food banks. The Apothecary Shoppe supports and donates time, resources and funding to local charities for cancer research, substance abuse programs, foster care programs and Naloxone Emergency Kit education and distribution. We also sponsor a little league baseball team and football team.

What does Locally Loved mean to you?

We are part of the community and the community is part of us. Our patients express gratitude and appreciation by sending us cards, letters and online posts. They bring our staff gifts from their vacations and travel destinations and let us know about newborn babies, graduations, weddings and losses of loved ones. Every patient is precious and is a part of the Apothecary Shoppe family. We have a connection with our patients to Shop Local, Buy Local and Love Local!

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