Quality Care Pharmacy

May 2021

Quality Care Pharmacy participated in Phase 1A of Pennsylvania’s state-run program by vaccinating those most at risk of illness, including health care workers, patients living in long-term care facilities, people age 65 and older, and individuals with high-risk conditions. They’ve also held vaccination clinics for first responders like the members of the Carlisle Fire Department and Carlisle Police Department.

From the patient’s perspective: Drew, a two-time cancer survivor and bone marrow transplant recipient, was told by his oncologist that he was qualified to receive a COVID-19 vaccination as part of Phase 1A and that he should contact his family doctor as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. Unfortunately, his primary care physician wasn’t vaccinating.

Drew was then bounced around a few different avenues without any luck. Losing hope, he reached out to Good Neighbor Pharmacy to see if any of our independent stores were participating in Phase 1A. Within a couple hours, a Good Neighbor Pharmacy manager connected with the Business Coaching team and coach Brandon Antinopoulos was on the phone talking to Drew about his options.

At that time, there weren’t any Good Neighbor Pharmacy members vaccinating in Philadelphia where Drew is located, but Brandon shared that Quality Care Pharmacy and their affiliated stores had received allocations and were hosting clinics in the Harrisburg area. Drew was more than willing to make the 100-mile drive to get the vaccine, which for him was absolutely necessary due to his high-risk status. Brandon provided him the web address to the pharmacy’s scheduling platform over the phone and Drew was able to book his appointment on the spot.

Drew’s response: “I actually got through. I can’t believe this. Is this true? Thank you SO MUCH! I really can’t thank you enough. All good vibes your way.”

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