Hillcrest Pharmacy Vernon, Texas

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"When you’re dealing with someone who’s 85, they sometimes can’t manage signing up online. This goes back to knowing our customers — we know who can manage that and who can’t, so we’ve spent a lot of time on the phone."

Adam Bayer, Owner and Pharmacist

Hillcrest Pharmacy is located in a rural town with 11,000 residents and a sizable elderly population. They knew it would be a struggle for many of their Medicare patients to travel to a large vaccination clinic or navigate an online process to schedule an appointment. So when they were selected to participate in Phase 1A as part of the Federal Pharmacy Partnership Strategy for COVID-19 Vaccination, they started calling their most vulnerable patients who would need a little extra assistance. They received their first federal shipment of the Moderna vaccine late on a Thursday afternoon and, thanks to their personalized approach, were vaccinating eligible patients within half an hour.

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