(Safe) Fun in the Summer Sun

September 2017

School’s out, and kids are ready for outdoor fun! Here’s how to help keep them safe this summer – while letting the good times roll.

  • Supervise children around water. Children can drown in as little as an inch of water. Whether at pool parties or out at the lake, make sure there is a designated adult watching children playing in the water. At home, make sure you are present when children are playing with water or are in the bathtub.
  • Wear life jackets. Everyone should wear a life jacket approved by the U.S. Coast Guard while on boats, around open bodies of water or when participating in water sports.
  • Wear a helmet for biking and other wheeled sports. Helmets are the single most effective safety device to reduce head injury and death from bike crashes. Kids should wear a helmet when riding a scooter, skating, skateboarding or biking.
  • Wear a helmet and other appropriate safety gear while riding Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs). With so many trails and fun areas to explore, ATVs and other OHVs can be a lot of fun during the summer. Making sure to wear a helmet and other safety gear (gloves, boots, pants and a long-sleeved shirt) is important to keep your family safe on the trails. Allow children to ride only on age-appropriate vehicles and teach them to follow all safety instructions.
  • Drink water during sports. Have your kids bring a water bottle to practice and games and to drink plenty of water before, during and after play. This is especially important in the summer months to avoid dehydration.

Utah Department of Health

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