Complete This Checklist Before Leaving the Pharmacy

November 2021

Picking up your prescription medication seems like a simple enough process. But taking a few extra minutes to run through this checklist can help prevent potential problems.

 1. Confirm the drug and dose.

If you’re picking up a new medication, read the label to confirm that the medication and dosage are what the doctor prescribed. Also confirm when, how often, and for how long you should take it. For medication renewals, check that it’s the same dosage and medication that you’ve been taking.

A different drug name could mean the doctor allowed your pharmacist to switch from the brand name to a generic (which works the same and also saves you money). If supplies are low on a brand-name drug, your pharmacist may switch to another brand or to a generic. Your pharmacist should inform you ahead of time about the need to make the switch. But if anything looks different than expected, ask your pharmacist.

2. Review the medication guide.

Be sure that your prescription comes with an FDA medication guide. This paper handout lists common and serious side effects to watch out for. It also contains important information that will help you avoid serious food or drug interactions. If you’re concerned about side effects or potential interactions, ask your pharmacist to review with you.

3. Confirm you have everything you need.

If it’s a liquid medication, check that it includes approved measuring tools, such as cups or syringes. Using teaspoons from home can result in too much or too little medication.

4. Download the My GNP mobile app.

To help manage your medications, download the My GNP mobile app. It offers reminders on when to take and renew your medication.

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