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Fight Diabetes Support Program

Diabetes Education
Pico Care Pharmacy has highly trained diabetes educators that will sit one-on-one or in group to help you understand diabetes. Educational Program goes over various aspect of disease management such as healthy eating, physical activities, monitoring, taking medication, management of low and high blood sugar levels, creating support network and reducing other risks.

Therapy Management
We know that diabetes entails multiple medications and injections by multiple doctors. We help you understand the goals set by doctors, how to achieve them and many times sync the therapy goals set by multiple physicians and specialists. Medication Therapy Management has proven to be a highly effective support system in controlling diabetes.

Blood Testing
It is critical for patients with advanced stage diabetes to self monitor their blood sugar levels. We assist you with providing testing supplies, training on how to use them, use tools like phone app to record your sugar levels and help you prepare your sugar log to empower physicians with a full understanding of how your diabetes is progressing. We offer in house A1C and regular blood sugar testing services for patients.

Insurance Navigation
Diabetes medications are expensive and many times not covered by insurance or pass on high copay to patients. We assist patients with navigating to cheaper preferred medications and/or copay assistance to help reduce the cost of therapy.

Diabetic Shoes
We get our diabetes patients specially fitted custom shoes. High sugar levels in blood damages many part of the body including nerves and vessels that goes to the feet increasing risk of developing foot problems. Specially designed shoes can help reduce risk and promote healthy circulations in your feet.

Diabetic Products
Pico Care Pharmacy carries full range of products for diabetic patients including sharps containers, glucose tablets, diabetic healing creams, diabetic pain creams, diabetic socks, diabetic cough drops, diabetic multivitamins and diabetic testing supplies.

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