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September feature

The Flu Shot: Separating Myth from Fact

The CDC estimates that between 9 million and 49 million people fall ill from the flu each year, leading to more than 200,000 hospitalizations and tens of thousands of deaths…

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What Can I Do to Protect Myself From the Flu?

The first thing you can do to protect yourself from the flu is get your yearly flu vaccination. You can also use good hygiene practices,…

Two children using an electronic tablet
Children's Health

How to Help Your Kids Find Balance With Screen Time

Research indicates that too much screen time could lead to multiple issues, including potential issues with behavior and attention in elementary schoolers, increased risk of…

A healthy lunchbox highlighting fruits and vegetables
Children's Health

Healthy Eating for Kids: Top Tips & Tricks

Between the ready availability of sweets and treats, commercials for sugary cereals during your kids’ must-watch shows, and picky eaters who turn their nose up…

Two people holding hands
Mental Health

Is Suicide Preventable? Know the Risk and Protective Factors

The number of people who lose their lives to suicide each year continues to grow. In 2017, suicide was the 10th-leading cause of death in…


Chicken Chile Verde With Tomatillos and Cucumber Salad

Chile verde is a terrific comfort food but is usually reserved for special occasions because it’s so elaborate and time-consuming to make. Here we cut…