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November Feature

Tips for Caregivers: What to Know Before Your Loved One Comes Home From the Hospital

Nothing brightens the face of a hospital patient like the moment the doctor tells them they can go home. As a family member, you’re also happy and relieved, knowing your…

ask a pharmacist

What Support Can My Local Pharmacy Provide to Me As a Caregiver for a Loved One?

Your pharmacists and staff care about your needs, well-being and health. We can help save you money or find cheaper alternatives by knowing your needs,…

A person reading a menu at a restaurant

Tips for Dining Out With Diabetes

Managing diabetes is hard enough at home. But when it comes to eating out, typically, the challenges are magnified. Larger portion sizes, unexpected ingredients and…

A spoonful of yogurt and granola
Healthy Habits

5 Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

The digestive system is also referred to as the gut. Your gut contains trillions of bacteria that are responsible for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients…

Pharmacist at Apothecary Shoppe
Local Love

Apothecary Shoppe

How many years has the Apothecary Shoppe been in business? 46 wonderful years! How do your patients and community shape your offerings… What keeps your…

A person supporting a senior while walking outdoors in the park

4 Key Conversations to Have with Your Aging Parents

As your parents grow older, you may be grappling with how to start some tough conversations with them about how their lives are changing and…


Roasted Kabocha Squash With Crispy Chickpeas, Kale, and Parmesan

If you don’t typically like raw kale, this recipe might change your mind. The kale itself gets massaged in a tangy dressing until it’s soft,…