Levin’s PharmacyOceanside, New York

"Our customers are our family, and we truly strive to do our very best for them.

June 5, 2018

What is your favorite part of owning an independent pharmacy?

Our favorite part is being able to provide the best health care possible to the Oceanside community. Our sincere commitment is to help patients achieve positive therapeutic outcomes at a minimum cost and provide them with services to make their quest for good health as easy, uncomplicated, and stress-free as possible. At Levin’s, our goal is to offer the best service possible by making sure that we are courteous, prompt, and considerate, and give the individual attention that each person deserves when they come into the pharmacy.

What is the competition like in your area?

There are about five other pharmacies that are within a half mile of Levin’s. There is competition, but we all work together to support one another. If we don’t have an item, we can call up our colleagues and see if they can lend or dispense an item so our patients will have what they need.

What unique health needs do you have in your community?

Our clientele is diverse and ever-changing, so our goal is to remain versatile, adaptable, and effective in keeping up with its varied and numerous demands. A community pharmacy must continuously evolve and grow to deliver the best health care to its community, and this is what we strive to do. Levin’s Pharmacy offers convenience to our customers by providing free delivery seven days a week, and meets the needs of our patients through personalized services like ordering items we don’t usually stock for those who request them. We aim to give 100% in addressing each and every patient’s concerns, problems, and situations.

What does Locally Loved mean to you?

Locally Loved is being respected, trusted, and needed by our community. Our patients know that we truly care about them, and the bond that we share is very special and unique. Our customers are our family, and we truly strive to do our very best for them. Being locally loved, which we know we are, means the world to us, and we show our appreciation by giving back to our community. For example, we participate in the yearly Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Community Fair, giving out gifts, vitamins, educational material, and much more to show our support.

Being able to provide our patients with top-quality medications and other items through AmerisourceBergen, as well as being able to refer them to our website where they can access Good Neighbor Pharmacy living tools, useful health information, and more is vitally important to us. Good Neighbor Pharmacy helps and supports us in being a vital and effective pillar of our community, a wonderful community that deserves only the best and which we love.

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