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Fighting COVID-19 one vaccination at a time

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, independent pharmacies have gone above and beyond on the frontlines, providing continuous care to their communities and so much more. They helped curb the spread of coronavirus by providing timely guidance to their patients online and quickly implementing in-store safety measures. They went to great lengths to make hand sanitizer available to the masses. They eased burdens, lifted spirits, and gave back to their communities in all kinds of creative ways.

From education to vaccination and all the acts of kindness in between, there are countless examples of humble heroism taking place every day in pharmacies across the country. Now, with Good Neighbor Pharmacy locations stepping up once again as trusted and accessible vaccinators, we’re proud to profile fearless pharmacies as they strive to put an end to the pandemic. Find a local Good Neighbor Pharmacy offering the COVID-19 vaccine here.

Woodsprings Pharmacy

Woodsprings PharmacyJonesboro, Arkansas

"Vaccines are something we handle every day. This one does present some more issues due to its storage requirements being pretty strenuous. But, we are ready for it. That’s why pharmacies were chosen, because we are the experts in the supply chain of medications and vaccines."

Rian Snell, Director of Clinical Services

Woodsprings Pharmacy was one of five pharmacies in Arkansas to receive the first round of COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer through a state-run program. They were tasked with administration and distribution to more than a dozen small- and medium-sized hospitals and healthcare facilities in their area.

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