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Fighting COVID-19 one vaccination at a time

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, independent pharmacies have gone above and beyond on the frontlines, providing continuous care to their communities and so much more. They helped curb the spread of coronavirus by providing timely guidance to their patients online and quickly implementing in-store safety measures. They went to great lengths to make hand sanitizer available to the masses. They eased burdens, lifted spirits, and gave back to their communities in all kinds of creative ways.

From education to vaccination and all the acts of kindness in between, there are countless examples of humble heroism taking place every day in pharmacies across the country. Now, with Good Neighbor Pharmacy locations stepping up once again as trusted and accessible vaccinators, we’re proud to profile fearless pharmacies as they strive to put an end to the pandemic. Find a local Good Neighbor Pharmacy offering the COVID-19 vaccine here.

Hickory Hill Pharmacy

Hickory Hill PharmacyHelena, Arkansas

"Our pharmacists are honored to care for Phillips County and do our part to help each and every one of our patients during these difficult times."

Ed Wright, Owner and Pharmacist

Hickory Hill Pharmacy began vaccinating medical professionals, emergency responders, firefighters, and police officers at the beginning of the year as part of Phase 1A. Since then, they’ve rolled into Phase 1B as they work their way through their lengthy waiting list, which they’re compiling over the phone to simplify the process for their patients. They also hosted a highly anticipated vaccine clinic for the educators of Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas. And to ensure patients are getting their follow-up shots in a timely manner, owner Ed Wright is making house calls as needed to deliver those critical second doses in person.

Hillcrest Pharmacy

Hillcrest PharmacyVernon, Texas

"When you’re dealing with someone who’s 85, they sometimes can’t manage signing up online. This goes back to knowing our customers — we know who can manage that and who can’t, so we’ve spent a lot of time on the phone."

Adam Bayer, Owner and Pharmacist

Hillcrest Pharmacy is located in a rural town with 11,000 residents and a sizable elderly population. They knew it would be a struggle for many of their Medicare patients to travel to a large vaccination clinic or navigate an online process to schedule an appointment. So when they were selected to participate in Phase 1A as part of the Federal Pharmacy Partnership Strategy for COVID-19 Vaccination, they started calling their most vulnerable patients who would need a little extra assistance. They received their first federal shipment of the Moderna vaccine late on a Thursday afternoon and, thanks to their personalized approach, were vaccinating eligible patients within half an hour.

Magnolia Pharmacy

Magnolia PharmacyMagnolia, Texas

"Being in a small community and having access to something like this that can change the lives of our patients is something to be very proud of. It’s a ray of light to know that we’re on the cusp of changing how this pandemic affects us."

Steve Hoffart, Owner and Pharmacist

It wasn’t long after the first COVID-19 vaccine was granted FDA approval that Steve Hoffart, owner of Magnolia Pharmacy, took to Facebook Live to give his community an enthusiastic update on the topic. Two weeks later, Magnolia Pharmacy had 500 appointments booked for their first allocation and vaccinations were underway for frontline healthcare workers in the area. Their pharmacy was able to contract directly with the State of Texas to procure doses of the Moderna vaccine. While waiting for their next allocation, Magnolia Pharmacy posted a form to their website where patients could provide their name and email address to be notified as soon as more doses are available and the pharmacy’s appointment portal is reopening.

McCoy-Tygart Drug

McCoy-Tygart DrugSheridan, Arkansas

"We want to get Grant County vaccinated as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we’re doing our best to knock this out as soon as we can."

Casey Hedden, PharmD

McCoy-Tygart Drug teamed up with other local care providers, including Sheridan Family Pharmacy and The Winston Clinic, to expedite the vaccination process in their community. They started vaccinating health care workers and first responders as part of a Phase 1A state program, beginning with a vaccination clinic for local assisted living facility Crown Point Retirement. Then working together with their partnering care providers, they set up a clinic as part of Phase 1B for the Sheridan School District and borrowed space at First Landmark Baptist Church to vaccinate people age 70 and over. In between allocations, they’re even notifying their patients when other vaccination clinics are happening around town, proving that this is truly a community effort.

Moundsville Pharmacy

Moundsville PharmacyMoundsvile, West Virginia

"Moundsville Pharmacy is proud to be part of an outstanding network of pharmacy movers and shakers in CPESN West Virginia. We're ready to put even MORE shots in arms!"

Jason Turner, Owner and Pharmacist

Moundsville Pharmacy participated in Phase 1A COVID-19 vaccine administration to long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, healthcare providers, and two county school systems in their area. They’ve also been providing near-daily COVID-19 vaccine updates via Facebook, providing guidance around the different high-priority groups, how to register for an appointment at their pharmacy through the Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS), and where else to get vaccinated when they were in between allocations.

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