Fearless Pharmacy

Standing Up to Coronavirus. Supporting Your Local Community.

The negative impacts of the coronavirus have been pervasive on a global scale. Yet, despite all these struggles, there have been countless examples of strength and goodwill that replenish our hope. One of the brightest sources of positivity through this healthcare crisis has been independent community pharmacy.

Our Good Neighbor Pharmacy locations have all been responding differently to the pandemic. Shaped by the unique communities they serve, they have adapted at lightning speed to serve their neighbors in new and inventive ways. They’re working tirelessly on the front lines to ensure you continue receiving the care you need, even when things are at their most chaotic. This is what fearless pharmacy is all about!

Read their inspiring stories to see how our Good Neighbor Pharmacy locations are making a difference in their community. We will continue to add more, because every pharmacy going above and beyond for their patients right now deserves every ounce of recognition and gratitude we can give. Please thank your locally loved pharmacy and share on Facebook or Instagram how they have made a positive impact in your life during this time using #fearlesspharmacy!

Riggins Pharmacy
Riggins Pharmacy & BookstoreLavonia, Georgia

Riggins Pharmacy & Bookstore is nurturing the minds of the children in their community by hosting Quarantine Story-time on Facebook. Their team members are trading...

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Gateway Pharmacy
Gateway PharmacyPhoenixville, Pennsylvania

Gateway Pharmacy started compounding their own hand sanitizer and providing frequent updates via social media on what COVID-19-related products they have in stock while encouraging...

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Northfield Pharmacy
Northfield PharmacyNorthfield, Minnesota

Northfield Pharmacy has partnered with another local business that has gotten permission to produce hand sanitizer, Loon Liquor Distillery, and is distributing it to the...

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Springfield Pharmacy
Springfield PharmacySpringfield, Pennsylvania

Springfield Pharmacy has compounded lots of hand sanitizer for their community and also donated some to local nursing homes. They’ve also been able to source...

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Payne Family Pharmacy
Payne Family PharmacyFloydada, Texas

Committed to keeping their community and staff safe, Payne Family Pharmacy has been informing their patients about the risks of COVID-19 since early March and...

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