Exercising During the Holidays: You Can Do It!

December 2016

If you and your family will be traveling this holiday season, plan ahead to fit in fitness. If you’ll be staying at a hotel, ask in advance about the hotel’s fitness offerings. That way, you’ll know whether to bring your swimsuit or workout clothes. (Make it a special treat: Kids love the idea of swimming in an indoor pool when it’s cold outside!) Find out whether your home fitness-center membership includes reciprocal benefits at a facility near your destination.

If you’ll be staying with friends or relatives, let them know in advance that you’d like to make time for exercise during your visit, and invite them to join you. Taking an early morning walk, or a stroll after dinner to see the holiday lights, can be a fun family activity.

Invest in portable, lightweight exercise gear that you can pack in your suitcase, such as resistance bands or tubing or a jump rope.

At the airport, take advantage of all the waiting time before and between flights to get in some brisk walking up and down the terminal. Buy a large bottle of water (about 2 pounds) and do bicep curls while waiting for your flight. (Bonus: You’ll stay hydrated during your flight.) Find an unoccupied corner in your gate area and do some squats and leg lifts before boarding. It’s good exercise and great for revving up circulation in the legs before all that sitting.

Source: Princeton University

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