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a table full of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and grains
September 2018
Your Choices Matter

A healthy diet and lifestyle, along with making smart healthcare decisions, can be a pathway to a healthier heart. Your family history can have some impact on your chances of…

Heart Health
runner woman with heart rate monitor running on beach
August 2018
Here’s to Your Healthy Heart!

There is much you can do to help prevent heart disease and stroke. These tips can help: Keep your blood glucose under control. You can see if your blood glucose…

Heart Health
athlete in blue cap swimming in pool
July 2018
Let’s Get Fit! Strengthen Your Heart in Just Minutes a Day

Heart disease is America’s Number 1 killer. To improve overall heart health, the American Heart Association suggests: At least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least five days per week for a…

Heart Health
A person getting his blood pressure measured
August 2017
Understanding and Managing High Blood Pressure

When your heart pumps blood, the blood pushes against the walls of your blood vessels. This creates blood pressure. You need blood pressure to move blood throughout your body, so…

Heart Health
A runner's legs and feet while running outdoors
January 2017
Strengthen Your Heart - and Improve Your Life - in Just 30 Minutes per Day

It is hard to imagine a single practice with more health benefits than regular physical activity. To get benefits, you don’t have to run a marathon. Regular activity—something as simple…

Heart Health
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