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avocado, nuts, salmon, and oil to represent sources of healthy fat
March 2019
The 411 on Fat

While it is a common assumption that fat should be avoided at all costs, dietary fats are an essential nutrient—and an important part of a balanced diet. Not only do fats…

Healthy Habits
February 2019
Know the Drill: Tips for Good Dental Health and Hygiene

Study after study now show that maintaining your dental health does more than just keep your smile whole and bright. The Mayo Clinic has noted that good dental health is…

Healthy Habits
friends running in urban park
January 2019
10 Healthy Habits You Can Stick with All Year

If your New Year’s resolution is to eat better and exercise more, setting the threshold too high with a new rigid diet or strenuous workout may not be the best…

Healthy Habits
January 2019
When It Comes to Working Out, Variety Matters

Getting enough exercise can contribute to longevity and quality of life, as well as help you reduce pain, prevent disease and maintain a healthy weight. But with so many different…

Healthy Habits
December 2018
Don't Let Winter Freeze Your Motivation for Healthy Living

Winter can put your commitment to a healthy lifestyle to the test with various obstacles and temptations that interfere with your good intentions. But you don't have to sacrifice a…

Healthy Habits
A woman shopping for fruits at a supermarket
August 2018
Top Tips for Sugarholics

Do you find yourself stressing out over making decisions about sugar and sweeteners? The University of Washington has some sound advice. Read the Nutrition Facts label when food shopping. Pay…

Healthy Habits
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